Wrath of the Righteous

Tristan's Log

A lot has happened.

Where last I was writing from the comfort of a well traveled Inn, on my way to Kenabres, I now write from the floor of some kind of subterranean cave system, caught up in a feud between some kind of mongrel-men factions.  It's our only way out. Back to the surface.  Back to what's left of Kenabres.

I can't say for certain, but I believe it's been roughly two or three days since Terran and I had strolled through the city gates, looking forward to the festivities.  I hadn't been there since I was just a boy, but as I mentioned earlier, I was excited about being allowed to participate in the martial contests now that I had been accepted into the ranks of Iomedae's Paladins earlier in the season.  I'm pretty sure Terran came along for the free food, but his company is always welcome, even if that Rok of his always smells like it needs a bath.  I've found my path with Iomedae, and he seems to have finally found his in the green wilds he spent so much time since..  Then.

Anyway, during the festivities.. I don't know what exactly happened, but demons surprised everybody.  Nobody except for Koramozda was ready for the suddenness or the fierceness of their attack, and I fear from the last I saw before falling down a rent in the very earth that ended me up here that even that mighty protector could not match the overwhelming force of the demons ambush.

I obviously survived the fall, somehow.. and Terran did as well, with Elarath in tow.  It has been a comfort just having such familiar friends in this strange place so disconnected from the world I know.  Also with us is a dwarf who calls himself Valentine, and a strange man who calls himself Jack.   Among the injured are a man who has been temporarily blinded and a stout warrior by the name of Anevia, whose leg is difficult to look upon.  They both carry on though, and it is an inspiration to behold.  There was a third, but I will save my thoughts on him for another time.  Valentine is fierce, even by dwarven standards, and if we can keep his temper in check, we will have a much better chance at getting out of here alive.  Jack has been quiet, but his art at healing is truly a gift down here. He seems to be distracted by something, always, but I suppose most of us are down here.

We have met many strange things down here; even a seemingly ancient dwarven temple! I was left wondering how a temple ended up in such a desolate place, and had to leave it cleansed of an evil that haunted it, but not completely sanctified due to my own inaptitude.  I can admit here I have much to learn about being a Paladin.

Eventually, we met a people who call themselves mongrel men. At first glance I thought they were a spawn of evil, but nothing out of the ordinary about their auras confirmed such, and after helping them, they became as friendly as the next person.  They took us to their city, where we met their leader. A person by the name of Sol.  He's agreed to ally with us against the demons, if we agreed to clear out some kind of rival clan.  He assured us they were not friendly, and likely in league with darker forces, as well was told us that they stood between us and the way out.   I had my reservations and wished we would have had more time, but  we agreed in haste so that we could get back to the city we started this journey from, or what was left of it.

There's been battles. We've encountered the promised opponents, but have also met Cultists. I know they aren't demons, and that every human can turn from their path to become good again.. but in Iomedae's name, I burn with the same righteous hatred  for them as I do for the truly evil things out there among the demons. I always will.  

One of them even had in her possession a magical sword! Every time I draw it, it comes alive in my hands, and such a glow and aura of good come from it; it is a wonder she could even hold it, although it  was stored in a case.. so maybe she could not.  Regardless, we've reclaimed a weapon of great power against Evil, I am sure of it, and I look forward to returning it to it's owner, as I'm sure they are an equal match to its potency.

There's no sun or any kind of sky down here, but I feel it's best to catch what rest I can, as it will soon be "morning" and we've a long ways to go yet. 


drheingans kkaal

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