Wrath of the Righteous

Tarren's Journal


18th of Arodus

It's been hard these last few years. Not really belonging anywhere or to anyone. Me and Elarath have made it through, living outside of the city selling goods to a nearby village. Even if it’s not the most honorable it’s at least quiet. Being around people again is difficult for me, not sure it will ever be easy. After dealing with the horror and escape from the mages that threatened us has made it hard to trust. Tristan really has been a good friend im glad he’s here with me. With the Cathedral collapsing i thought the worst. He really has been my only contact in the city. It's easier with someone who has been through the same thing. Finally being able to rest is nice. Been a long time. it feels like down in the tunnels, a rest is welcome even if it's in a unfamiliar place. Seem to be safe though after saving some of the mongrel men from the rubble and getting them back safely to the village. It's good to rest for a time, even knowing we have to get to the surface soon and find out what's left of kenabres after the attack from the demons that drove us into the tunnels. A small group of us seem to have been saved together? Coincidence or not we are in this together, Valentine and Jack are capable in combat and seen like decent company. Anivia and Aravashnial are good people and seem to have connections in the city that we need. Tristan seems determined to follow his path, found peace within his paladin hood. At times he seems to hold me in check, a conscience that i might not have otherwise. Killing out of rage or survival like what happened back in the tunnels doesn’t let me sleep soundly at night by any means. I need that check and he needs me to keep him from having his bravery lead him to far. Hopefully things become clear once we reach the surface. Not sure Elerath, my companion and guide can handle being away from the sky much longer.

                                Tarren Firesong


drheingans Asharan

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